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Join our Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and earn as much as 40% commission every time someone uses your link. Earn money the easy way by selling our high quality products. It's as simple as displaying your link through social media, to your friends and to your family. 

We have different levels of  Affiliates based on sales clicks ( clicks to the website using your sales link.

Our Affiliate system will show you how many people have used your link and how much you've received per order. 

After registering, you'll receive an email from our Affiliate System, called Tapfiliate. You'll follow the instructions in the email to view your account and set up your custom referral link, which will appear like this:, where "your_id_here" can be anything you want, like "jsmith" or "janesmith" or "janesstore". 

How does the 40% commission work?
The commission is calculated based upon the sum of all the products before shipping and after any additional discounts.

Is there a fee?

When will I get paid?
Like many other referral based programs, you'll get paid out on a certain date, and a with a minimum amount. Referrers must earn at least $10.00 or more to be paid out. Payouts occur on the 15th of each month, whichever the closest business day is to those dates. 

How will I get paid?
Using PayPal, you'll receive a payment instantly to your account when a payout occurs. Skin by Nature assumes the fees during payout. If you don't supply us with a valid PayPal account, you will not be paid out successfully.

Can I recruit?
Yes you can, you will hand out your custom affiliate link which will direct them to our web site. All they will do is click on the Referral Program menu link and signup. They will automatically be put under you. Recruiting is only for our 2 upper 2 Affiliate Programs. You can view their progress in your back office. Anyone you recruit you will make 5% of their sales in which we call tier commissions. You will get paid up to 1 levels deep.


We also have a distributor program for those of you who purchase and distribute yourself. To be a distributor you are required to purchase a minimum of $75.00 per quarter. You will receive a 40% discount. To sign up for this program email


How do I join?
If you would like to send a message regarding signing up for an account, please visit our contact page to send us a message.